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Tue Feb 17 19:11:00 CST 2009

Fun with Window Scaling

Frustration at work continues. My favorite psuedo admin is at it again. Today's cluelessness is around tcp tuning. More specifically tcp windows and all the little bits related. If your machine is on a phat 1g pipe with less than 1ms of delay and you have your max window size set to 65536 you might be a moron. If your netstat -s shows over 7 million socket overruns on your receive buffer after only 12 hours of uptime and you do not see the signifigance of that, then you just might be a moron. If your cpu is spending 99% of it's time idle and your Fiber Channel Attached disk is yawning at the whopping 400Mbs you are tossing at it yet you still want to blame the SAN, then yep, you are a moron. If your machine is spewing out "ZeroWindow" messages and the network guy tells you that "You" are the bottleneck and you ignore him, you are a moron. Lastly, if the local point and click MS Windows admin is able to overrun your big chunk of IBM Iron with his little HP dl385, you are one sad fracking piece of crap unix admin. Please consider a job change, you suck and we're tired of your laziness and self afflicted ignorance. Now if any of you readers are clueless about why tuning your tcp stack for optimal window size is important I'm offering a sliding window of my own in which to educate you. Shoot me an email, find me on irc, whatever. I promise not to call you a moron. (out loud):)

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