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Wed Oct 1 08:53:14 CDT 2008

TG duty

Looks like it is official, I'm cooking the meat for Thanksgiving Day on my WSM. Chicken may be the bird this year, not ready to try a turkey. Stay tuned to see how this goes!

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Wed Oct 1 08:50:29 CDT 2008

Cisco TCAM

Learned some interesting stuff over the last week while investigating processor load on the 6513 and TCAM capacity issues. First off, having a log line anywhere in an ACL will cause the access-list to be processed switched. On a busy interface this can really beat up the cpu. There are ways around this that have something to do with OAL, optimized access-list logging. Looking into that now. Second interesting find on the 6513 is that SLB also uses a fair chunck of TCAM to do it's job so it's not good to leave stale vservers in service if you are not using them. Some ACL optimization and pruning out of stale SLB stuff freed up quite abit of TCAM, allowing for the ACLs to be hardware switched recusing the processer load on the 6513 from 99% down to around 7%. All this from just pruning some lists, turning off logging and cleaning up slb.

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