Fri Jul 18 21:09:20 CDT 2008

First experience with new Weber Smokey Mountain smoker.

Got up at 5 am to get things going. Started up the coals in one of those chimney things and trimmed the fat off the pork roasts. The roasts were from a hog we recently had processed. They had sucked every other way we had cooked them so I was not terribly concerned about turning them into lumps of charcoal if things went awry. I had a bit of trouble getting the temp where I wanted it. Way hotter than the target of 240F, at around 300+ for the first 4 hours. I ended up turning them early and only leaving them on 2.5 more hours instead of the full 8 I was going for. Little less smoking time, but damnit if these crappy pork roasts did not turn out to be freaking delicious! I cannot wait to try some other stuff in this thing and I've already decided that this Thanksgiving turkey will be smoked.

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Mon Jul 7 06:51:12 CDT 2008

Nice color schema for Konsol

I cannot recall where I found this, and I have nothing to do with the creation. It is the most readable color scheme that I have come across. Enjoy:

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Wed Jul 2 10:36:54 CDT 2008

Really good write up on Linux Perf and Tuning from IBM

From 2007, but still pretty on target. I found chapter 1 to be the best presentation of this information I have ever come upon. Enjoy: (The PDF version was more readable for me, linked at top of page)

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Wed Jul 2 09:37:36 CDT 2008

my fav ps options on linux

Shows every process, their pid, % of cpu, memory size, name, and what syscall they are currently executing. Nifty. ps -eo pid,%cpu,vsz,args,wchan

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Wed Jul 2 09:32:27 CDT 2008

quick way to see socket status

On Linux: netstat -a -n|grep -E "^(tcp)"| cut -c 68-|sort|uniq -c|sort -n

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