Sun Mar 30 04:58:10 CDT 2008

Headed West

Off to spend some time in San Jose. If you are in the area this next 10 days or so and want to grab a beer, you know how to find me.

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Tue Mar 11 15:05:50 CDT 2008

stuff I forget

"script" is very useful when you want to record a shell session. Why do I always forget this aptly named command? The act of putting it here will perhaps solidify it in place in my mind. Yes I know, very doubtful.

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Sat Mar 1 18:10:32 CST 2008


Sun was out today and above freezing. Good day to prune. I got 5 rows done and then took some time to survey the acreage. The culvert I installed last fall is working very well, but some other spots will need tiled and maybe filled in a bit before all my spring water issues on the path to the south field are solved. I must remember my wide brim hat next time. Suffering from quite a sunburn on my face and hands. Snow was still quite deep in places, but should be gone soon if tomorrows rain comes.

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